Rise of the Runelords

To Thistletop!

The adventurers read the Nualia Tobyn journal and find it to be maps and sets of attack plans. The first set of plans shows 30 goblins with 1 area circled, meaning it has already happened. Notes at the bottom of this page indicate that Tobyn’s casket is secure and whoever did it cannot wait until the next raid. The second set shows 200 goblins with several scratched out. The notes on this page show that Ripnugget favors a land approach. The next page seems to show that a succubi is involved. The journal has erotic drawings of a girl(perhaps the priest’s daughter who died 5 years ago?); however, she has monstrous hands, bat wings, a horn, and a tail.

Thistletop looks like a giant human head, 80 feet above water. The adventurers learn that there are 30 tribes there and that the tunnels through the briars probably open up at the bridge. The succubus has 4 allies: Berthasmus, Armorman, Burning Woman, and Elf Flute man (dead).The adventurers come across a white horse with flags that is being held hostage. The sorceress speaks to the horse and sends it back to safety with a note to the druid waiting back at the bridge. The adventurers move on (down 2 to big eye to succubus) and learn that the second raid is to start when the “Whispering Beast” is tamed (roughly 2-3 months away) and Fog Star Mountain tribe and Sin Spawn will help.

The next room (Rm2) has a work table and is filled with magical scrolls, books, and carvings. The next alcove (Rm3) has statues of a man holding a glaive. The next room (Rm4)has a shiny spot on the floor (man holding a glaive) and a statue of a ragged torso. Stepping on the shiny spot causes the two statues to fight. The next room (Rm5) is a circular room lit by 4 burning skulls and has 3 chairs. The adventurers encounter the succubus and defeat her.

The adventurers move back to Rm4 and see a 20ft hall with a door at the end; this leads to a L-shaped hall to double doors that are guarded by 2 skeletons reaching towards a skull. The room is filled to the ceiling with huge, magical, gold coins with runes written in ancient letters on them. The double doors lead back to Rm3 with 4 pillars and a sarchophagus. The adventurers go back up some steps and see movement ahead. Two figures are discovered- Bugbear and someone paid by Nualia Tobyn. The adventurers defeat the Bugbear and move outside to find the goblin patrols dead. The white horse is healed and the adventurers are stabilized.

Everyone moves to the cathedral and find a Quasat female, Sin Spawn, and a frog. The evil outsiders are usually familiars that don’t cast spells. Our adventurers killed them all. They come across a passageway to a tunnel, the same as one that collapsed earlier. It leads the adventurers to 2 sin spawn in a room. By greasing the room, the adventurers killed the sin spawn. Moving onward, they come across an ancient torture room, which leads to a room with crumbling chairs and 3 doors with amulet stars. The doors are locked from this side. The first room: a single skeleton with 3 arms. The second room: a skeleton with a giant skull. The third room: a skeleton with ribs to its pelvis and many short legs (a squid).

The stairs down lead to a room with a 20ft ceiling and a floor with 11 trap doors. The adventurers see the 7-tooth Champion, Corovas. He is a mutated goblin with a foot growing out the back of his head. After killing the champion, the adventurers see what the trap doors were keeping out: zombies in 20ft pits. The next hallway leads to part of a spiral that has collapsed and ends at a door. Opening the door, the adventurers enter a 15ft spherical room with floating objects (books, scroll, wine, dead ravens, live maggots- oh my!). It is here that some adventurers learn Ancient Thessalonian. They also pick up a book that is a bestiary of horrific and cruel monsters with illustrations.

The adventurers head back to town. Belor Hemlock returns with a a garrison from Magnamar. Shalelu Andosana looks at Corovas’ sword and says without him and the Thistletop Champion, the goblins won’t unite.

It's a Festival!

During the celebration, Sandpoint was attacked by goblins. Our heroes were helpful in saving both the town and several important people, and became local heroes. After some goblins were captured and interrogated, the new town heroes discovered that a mysterious figure was involved in a large scale campaign to attack the town by all the local goblin tribes.

The next day, the heroes are alerted to the fact that their may be more goblins in town, by a local woman who’s small child has been complaining about a monster in his closet. They found the woman’s husband dead, killed while trying to get into the crawlspace. After a brief struggle, they defeated the feral goblin, and informed the wife and the Sheriff of the incident. The wife has to be ‘sedated’ and several of her family got ‘sedated’ with her, but then got an escort to a new life courtesy of Foxglove.

The heroes soon discover that they are the most skilled and dangerous people in the town, at least from the Sheriff’s and Mayor’s viewpoint, and get placed in charge of the local guard and reserve militia while the Sheriff and Foxglove travel to the closest city they can get military support from. During this time, they meet Shalelu Andosana a ranger and scout with a serious desire to do the goblins harm, and she agrees to begin scouting for the coming invasion.

Ryan discovered that his adopted mother had been kidnapped by his adopted uncle, and went to her rescue. The other heroes joined him at the glassware factory, where they defeated a small contingent of goblins, killed the adopted uncle, and freed Ryan’s adopted mom. Unfortunately, they were too late to save his grandfather.

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